What are antioxydants

We hear so much about antioxidants, what exactly are they? in a nutshell, an antioxidant helps to protect your cells.

A free radical is what attacks our cells, examples of free radicals are air pollution, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, or sunlight.

When a cell loses an electron because of one of its attackers, it is the base of diseases in the body.

An antioxidant helps reattach the missing electron and make your cells healthier.

Free radicals will contribute to premature ageing.

They come in different forms: supplements, dietary nutrients and natural enzymes produced in the body.

For our skin a valued antioxidant is vitamin C, It blocks free radicals, stimulates your skins immune barrier,

it targets dark spots, and even stimulates your skin to produce collagen., and finally it protects against UV and calms acne and rosacea.

What is not to like about vitamin C?

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