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LPG Face Endermologie


PG Endermolift is a 100% natural, anti-ageing, non-surgical facelifting technique for men and women of all ages.


Endermologie works with the component of your skin, it enlivens the functions of the skin and greatly attenuates signs of ageing, It works on lifting, repulping, detoxifying and lymph drainage of the skin.


Endermologie is known as the only technique in the world capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid by more than 80%.


Starting around the age of 25, the skin's tissues begin to sag as skin cells’ functions slow down and fibroblasts (which are responsible for collagen and elastin production) become sluggish, triggering the inevitable progression of ageing.


LPG Endermolift exercises the skin and connective tissue, reactivating the fibroblasts. Safely and sustainably tapping into your skin’s rejuvenation potential.

  • Endermologie is a non-aggressive and 100% natural solution to ageing.


  • Endermologie is a proven and effective technology that does not utilize light or currents to improve your skin.


  • Endermologie can optimize the results of cosmetic procedures (botox, dermal fillers, facelifts, peelings, mesotherapy, etc.) and help to prevent side effects.


How does Endermologie work?

Endermologie is a mechanical stimulation that triggers your cells’ natural production of collagen and elastin. 

  • The production of new, good collagen and natural hyaluronic acid gives the dermis back some of its volume and thus “lifts” the bottom of the wrinkle.

  • The synthesis of elastin makes the skin more supple and more resistant to multiple muscular micro-contractions, which are often the cause of “expression lines.”


What Can You Expect From The Non-Surgical Face Lift treatment?


Results will be visible after the first session, however, your objectives may take longer to attain.

Endermologie has been in use for 35 years and has over 145 Scientific studies behind its technology. Endermologie is used every day in more than 110 countries worldwide, with 350,000  people treated daily.

Smoothes  wrinkles, firms skin reduces
double chin

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