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Why do we sell more than one product line

I am often asked why I carry more than one product line or which one is better.

Know that at our studio, my main preoccupation is your well-being, my values are to find solutions for your specific problem and to sell youthfulness and health in a manner that is natural and with technologies and products that deliver results.

More than one product line allows me to continue to innovate and provide alternatives based on your needs and offer a specific approach for your skin and needs.

for example, some products are only available online, once we have reviewed your particular concerns together, you can continue to replenish your order in the comfort of your own house.

The store offers products that are mostly Canadian, free of parabens and synthetic dyes, many all-natural, but we also offer more conventional products maybe because, for you the scent, the texture, the feel of a product is what attracts you to a particular brand.

In short, without being a mini Sephora, we believe in creating a rapport with you first and having a few alternatives.

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