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The Truth About Inexpensive Pedicures

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

There is a lot of competitive pricing available when it comes to pedicures. But let’s face it, we all want our feet to feel and look their best when wearing our favourite summer sandals, and this might not always be the result when choosing cheaper options.

Estheticians are responsible for following strict health protocols the public might not be aware of. After reading, you may rethink your inexpensive spa of choice.

Pedicure Tool Requirements

Person receiving a pedicure.
Your esthetician is trained to recognize foot or nail fungus and can recommend that you see a podiatrist if necessary.

In Ontario, we are regulated by public health and have an inspection on a yearly basis or sometimes twice a year.

Here is what is required to give a pedicure:

3 towels A foot file

A foot scrub product A nail file

A cuticle remover An orangewood stick

A moisturizing lotion A buffing block

A base coat A corn blade

2 coats of colour Shellac or gel finish

1 top coat Disposable slippers

Health Canada requires that we use an individual nail file, buffing block, and orangewood stick. They require that these be disposed of at each visit, the foot file that is used on you must be stainless steel or must have stick-on sanding paper that is also disposable.

Your esthetician is trained to recognize foot or nail fungus, and to work on diabetic feet, and she can recommend that you see a podiatrist if necessary.

Cleaning Measures

Toes in a bathtub.
Proper cleaning protocols must be followed to ensure a safe experience.

Your foot bath must be washed and disinfected in a bleach solution for a minimum of 20 minutes. Since the beginning of Covid, we are required to use accelerated oxygen peroxide to sterilize our foot baths and instruments in order to protect the environment and ourselves from the toxic fumes of bleach.

An accelerated peroxide wipe is also used on the beds, door handles, and the Point of Service after each client.

The Bottom Line

Person receiving a pedicure.
Book an appointment with Facial Angle for a safe, clean, and beautiful pedicure.

A pedicure is a one-hour and 15-minute long service.

Perhaps you may not see much of a difference between a $65 pedicure and a $25 pedicure, but ask yourself if you have seen all of the rules being observed, or better yet ask your operator, how they clean and disinfect their foot bath and tools.

At Facial Angle, we offer clean, safe, and beautiful pedicures at fair prices. Visit our website today to book your appointment.

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